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Skylight installation at Columbia Point Condos in Richland, WA
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Skylight Installation

Wether you have a leak, or simply want more natural light to fill your home, you found the right contractor. Our experts will find a efficient and affordable skylight option that will fit your budget and style.

Skylight installations have many benefits to your home, particularly inside. Even though this is a window addition, the process can be more complex and require interior finishing touches. Lets set up an appointment to discuss your options. Thank you for choosing King Roofing for all your exterior needs. 

Modern Bathroom with skylights installed

Why Skylights?

Skylight windows are windows that are installed in the roof of your home. Although skylights are installed from the outside, they have a significant impact on your home from the inside as well.
An overhead skylight window will brighten any space by letting in lots of natural light, Particularly during the winter months, homeowners appreciate this.
The majority of skylights do not open. (USA)
Manually operated or motorized vented skylights are available along with solar powered versions.

Let's set up an appointment so we can discuss your options. 

What Do Skylights Cost?

The average cost to install a skylight in 2022 is around $2,200 for a new install when having a pro handle the installation. This cost consists of the skylight itself, all labor to cut a hole in your roof, adding headers, flashing and proper waterproofing around the skylight, as well as any cleanup required after the skylight is installed. Although we don't take on interior finishes, the price will go up if you want labor included. This includes building the light shaft, doing the drywall work and trim work. This we recommend a handyman take care of the rest, good thing we have a great referral partner.


The cost also will fluctuate dependent on the type of roofing material you have and the height and pitch of your roof. Added costs could include an opening skylight, blinds, extra insulation, or the length of the shaft. Some skylights are venting (opening) and others can be motorized for opening and closing both the skylight itself and the blinds and are operated with a remote control or on a programmable smartphone platform such as the Velux Smart Tech Option VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO. Installing a Solar powered skylight such as the Velux VSS (Venting Solar Skylight), or adding solar powered blinds to a fixed skylight or a manual venting skylight you can recoup some of that cost. Give us a call so we can set up a time to discuss your project and see what options we have available.  509-986-5623

three skylights on roof
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