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Roof Inspections

If properly installed, a roof can last between 20 and 25 years, depending on the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Having an older roof may mean that it needs to be replaced or repaired.  Stand outside in direct sunlight and inspect the slopes of your roof. If you notice curling shingles, it’s a sign they’re ready to be replaced. The presence of missing shingles is another indication that your roof needs to be repaired.  Free roof inspections confirm the extent of damage and enable you to determine if a replacement is necessary. 

Water Stains

Often, water stains appear as brown circles or puddles on your ceiling. A stain may be difficult to notice when it occurs in a darker corner. The presence of discoloration on your ceiling or walls usually indicates you have a leak.



There are times when you see moisture on the walls, but then it goes away. It's a good indication that the leak is present, even if they come and go.


Spots On Exterior Walls

Take a look under your roof line. The flashing of your home may be compromised if you see water spots.


Missing Shingles

Missing Shingles on the roof doesn't mean your roof is leaking, however, it will increase the chances of a leak occurring through nail penetrations. If you see any shingles missing, give us a call and we can schedule a visit where we look at finding solutions to either high wind vulnerability or ice damns. 

Water stain on drywall due to roof leaking
Broken paint chips due to moisture build up due to leaking roof
Mold build up, on wood panels due to leaking roof
Missing shingles are a sign of a leaking roof.
King Roofing Professional performing a roof inspection

Get in Touch

Our team at King Roofing is here to help you protect your home with all the information you need. The longevity of your roof depends on regular roof inspections. As well as saving you money, roof inspections prevent unnecessary high-cost repairs and help you plan for a roof replacement in the future. Now let's get the ball rolling and schedule your roof inspection with the KING.

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